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How do I get an account on DHP?

If you want an account on DHP, you need to determine what type of account you want. Please view the pricelist to see the choices. If you want anything beyond the basic user account, then please send email to for more information. If you want a basic user account, you need to reserve your login id. You can also check to see if a login id is free without trying to reserve it. Once you have done that, please mail payment, initial password, and a potential way for us to get in contact with you if you want, or if you want us to put your account creation notice on the Anonymous Announcements page. By default we will do nothing to contact you once the account has been created..
Make any check/MO's out to "DataHaven Project, INC".
We now also accept paypal at the email address:

The DataHaven Project
PO Box 19371
Palo Alto, CA 94309