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How do I figure out my disk quota?

To get a list of your current quota status, type "quota". /dev/sdc1 is where the home directories are stored, while /dev/sdd1 is where your email is stored until you read it. These will be combined into one device in the near future. Here is an example output:
> quota
Disk quotas for user:
     Filesystem  blocks   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
      /dev/sdc1     429   10000   11000              36       0       0
      /dev/sdd1       3   10000   11000               3       0       0
This shows the user as having 429k used in 36 files on the "home" filesystem. This user has a quota of 10,000k. If they go over that limit they can write up to 11000k. If they create over 10megs of files, and under 11megs of files, a warning message is generated. If they try to create more then 11megs of files in their directory, then the last file used to go over the 11meg limit will be truncated, and an error message issued.

When the user is inbetween the "quota" and the "limit" they have 1 week by default to remove the files before the machine will not allow them to stay in this "grace period".

If you are looking to store a large ammount of files for a short period of time, you may use "/usr/tmp" to do so. The easiest way is to create a directory in "/usr/tmp" and store all your files there.

If you have any questions or problems with any of this feel free to send email to "".