7th April 1997 NOTE: This page has no direct references right now. The DHP.COM pages were updated and this was not placed among them. Soon it will show up on my personal page. Please also remember that this happened over a year ago now and that Fred Cohen has moved to do other things, and that ll.net appears to be no more in the form it was then.

Exchange of Ideas

DHP Symbol We've had recently recieved some interesting email involving another site that I feel is of importance to the rest of the internet community. As opposed to adding comments and such, I will just publish the discourse I've recently had.

All of this mail is related to a daemon set up on the host ALL.NET (no url for reasons to follow). The daemon would automatically send a message to any host's postmaster account if someone from that site connected to ALL.NET's telnet port. Please read the following email logs if you are interested in why I am making this available to the public

Matt (panzer@dhp.com)

The following email is available at the current time:
(09-0448) The initial email from all.net auto responder
(09-1611) My response directly back to the responder
(09-1616) Fred's response to CERT, cc'd to me
(11-0235) My followup to cert in response to 09-1616, also CC to PSI.NET
(12-1436) CERT's response to me about this
(13-0358) My response to CERT regarding 12-1436
(13-0730) ALL.NET form letter sent out complaining about C2.ORG
(13-1155) My mail to PSI.NET following the urging's from 13-0730
(13-1203) My mail to Fred regarding 13-0730
(13-1206) Fred's reply to 13-1203
(13-1454) Cert's reply to 13-0358

Dates are provided in the following manner (DAY 24-HOUR-TIME-EST). All email has been exchanged in the month of March 1996.

Drop me (Matt) a line if you want to add to this log, or have other links related to such activity.

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